How To Keep A Conservatory Warm In Winter

A glass wall is a poor insulator compared to a thick brick wall. Thus said, you will need to get some inventive ways to keep your conservatory warm this winter. In short, your conservatory will only be warm if you can keep heat from escaping as well as create more heat inside. Below we have come up with some tips on how you can go about ensuring warmth in the conservatory. Take a look.

Double/Triple Glazing

Most modern conservatories will probably have double or triple glazing. It is however important that you ensure your glazing is in proper condition. True, glass is not the best insulator, but if the glazing is properly done, you will prevent lots of heat from escaping. If your budget allows, you can consider installing PVC window. PVC will ensure more constant temperatures in your conservatory.

Another thing that is worth considering is the replacement of the glass roof. Sometimes the roof of your conservatory will have polycarbonate. Having these roofing materials replaced with tiled roofs ensures that your roof is thermally more efficient.

Installing Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is by far the most effective way to heat your conservatory. However, this heating method will only work well if you have ensured that no heat is being lost through drafts and window seals. Be sure to use a qualified electrician when installing underfloor heating as this is not a DIY job. If you happen to live in the North East, we recommend  Brenden from the Caztec Group, they have completed hundreds of installations for us over the years. You can trust Bren from Caztec – a professional Sunderland electrician

Curtains and blinds are great for forming insulation in your conservatory. Make sure you buy thick blinds and curtains for the winter. To ensure that no heat is lost, your window seals and draughts must be intact. You can contract a qualified heating technician to confirm this for you. Remember that the heat that is lost costs money. You do not want to be paying high electricity bills due to inefficient heating system.

  • Wooden floors or thickly carpeted

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors preferred to use wood for house constructions? The reason is simple really. Wood is great for heat insulation. Wooden floors do not change with changes in temperature. It is also great for preserving heat. Thus if your floor features wooden tiles, you are going to need lesser underfloor heating. You can also look for a thick woolen/sisal carpet and place it on your conservatory’s floor. It will help you in preserving the heat.

Electric Heater

Although this is a more of a temporary solution, it works great if you have a small budget. If you cannot to have some underfloor heating installed, buy a cheap electric heater. Make sure that you have warm blinds and carpets to prevent the heat from escaping.

Keep Windows Tightly Shut

It is advisable to always have the windows shut throughout winter. Of course this means you will need awesome air conditioning to keep the air inside the conservatory fresh. Opening the windows just allows the heat to escape. It will cost you much more to heat the room.

There you have it. 6 tips that will help you enjoy your conservatory’s coziness during winter as you did during summer. Choose the method of heat insulation that doesn’t overstretch your budget.

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Why Artificial Grass maybe the must have garden product for 2017


There is a wide range of products to choose from if you want to improve your garden. From gardening equipment and tools, plants, flowers, trees shrubs, and artificial grass. Yes, artificial grass. Artificial grass, also referred to as synthetic grass or artificial turf, its is made up of artificial fibres made to look like natural grass. It is usually used in sports arenas but is slowly gaining popularity in residential and commercial environments. It provides users with many more benefits other than just providing a great entity as far as landscaping procedures are concerned. Below are some of the advantages of using artificial grass in the North East.

Artificial grass has a longer life expectancy as compared to real grass. Ideally, some companies offer this type of grass with a life expectancy of up to a decade. This not only creates an inviting space in your home, it also provides you a front or backyard that is always available and in tiptop condition and is in need of very minimal maintenance.

The use of artificial grass helps make savings especially on your water bills. The reason for this is rather obvious as this type of grass does not require to be watered. Even when it rains, artificial grass is known to exhibit better drainage than real grass. Synthetic grass requires no trimming and no water irrigation system. This way, the expense of watering grass and maintaining it is eliminated and your money may be used for something else.

The use of artificial grass makes a house look like a home and makes it look beautiful, it also increases the value of the property significantly. There is something that is very welcoming about a neat home. The even colour and symmetric illusion of the artificial grass increases the aesthetics not only of your lawn but your whole house. The colour attracts the eyes of passersby and the guests you are accommodating.

The other reason why artificial grass maybe the must have garden product is that it is environmental friendly. The fact that it does not require any grass fertilizer or pesticide makes it a great option for the environment. Additionally, it eliminates any carbon emissions that originates from lawn mowers that uses fuel.

Artificial grass is also ideal in environments that are hostile to plants such as in the desert and places where natural lighting is scarce.This form of grass is also ideal for people who keep pets in the home. Its durability means that pet owners have peace of mind unlike the case is with real grass.

Artificial Grass Installation

  • There are many stores and shops that offer artificial grass, ensure that you will find the best company to offer high quality artificial grass. To be able to lay it out evenly on your homes, its is better to contact a professional in the job so that proper installation will be done. When properly installed, the artificial grass will live up to your expectations especially in terms of longevity therefore in turn, making you save more money.The artificial grass is always ready for play, a trait that cannot be said in the case of real grass in harsh weather. Since this is the same type of grass used in sporting facilities, it is easy to see why artificial grass will allow you to play even when the weather changes.Artificial grass also ensures that your home and driveway will remain clean since it eliminates puddles and mud spots that are usual issues with real grass.The fact that artificial grass does not need mowing means that it is cost effective at present, more so in the long run. In addition to this, it also presents convenience to home owners who, for one reason or the other, are incapable of mowing their lawns. The elderly and the physically challenged stand among the number of people who will benefit from this type of grass. With the advantages discussed, it is little wonder why according to local leaders Easigrass Newcastle artificial grass maybe the must have garden product for 2014.

What type of furniture is best for your conservatory?


Your conservatory may be a fantastic investment that will make you proud of your home for several years to come: however, do you feel the same for your furniture?

Conservatories bring a very unique touch to your home: they’re a protected , comfortable atmosphere that sits between your home interior and your garden.

If you have such a sun-bathed house, then your conservatory would look amazing, but it should also have the best furniture to compliment your conservatory.

Before you get to excited and buy that suite that caught your eye in a TV ad, or move your previous lounge armchair in the conservatory, you should first check your desired conservatory’s décor and see if they are appropriate in terms of type and function.

To help confirm if a specific item is appropriate to be used in your conservatory, here are a few things to consider:

Avoid the types of furniture that fade fast

Pieces that furnish your conservatory are going to be exposed to more daylight than they might in the interior of the house. If you choose pieces of furniture that are made of inappropriate materials, you’ll find yourself with pale, sun-damaged pieces which can look out of place in your stunning conservatory.

You can avoid this by choosing high grade cane, rattan or artificial wicker piece of furniture that are all appropriate for conservatory conditions.

Some of the conservatory pieces of furniture that you’ll get are going to be appropriate for out of doors use – selecting articles with this property can offer you flexibility because they can serve two different purposes:  inside and out, for those lazy summer evenings that simply requires you to stay outside for a few hours.

Consider your comfort

Rattan is ideal as a conservatory piece of furniture because of its flexibility, strength and it’s superb ability to deal with something that Mother Nature will chuck at it – but what about your comfort?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can mix the comfort of your lounge with the hardiness of out of doors garden furniture?

To achieve the ‘best of both worlds’, we suggest choosing pieces of furniture with a rattan frame and foam reflex cushions: look out for showerproof cushions too for more flexibility.

garden furniture

Think about how the piece of furniture would fit in with its surroundings

How are you able to make sure that the furniture you choose would compliment your home? Think about what themes are around throughout your house and carry these through into your conservatory. Pick throw pillows and cushion covers that contrast with the color theme of your other rooms. This is one simple way to make sure that your furniture matches the remainder of your home. You should also think about how the pieces of furniture looks in the conservatory alone. This is especially true if you’re going for a minimalist look.

Once you find the perfect pieces for your conservatory, it should becomes a place that you can visit fancy for some rest and relaxation. The very last thing you’d want is for the room to end up looking littered.

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See How an Indoor Blow Up Hot Tub Can Go in a Conservatory or Even on a Holiday!


See How an Indoor Blow Up Hot Tub Can Go in a Conservatory or Even on a Holiday!

If you’re an outdoor lover, camping would be on top of your bucket list and is a favourite, but camping with a portable hot tub at hand will surely make your holiday one of a kind. There are many reasons why one would want to use a portable hot tub, but perhaps the more pertinent question for many outdoor lovers is, would a portable hot tub be good to take on a camping holiday? To answer this effectively, it is important that we look at the advantages that the hot tub has over conventional ceramic or wooden hot tubs.

relaxing-in an inflatable hot tub

• The price of the blow up hot tub is more affordable when compared to that of the regular hot tub. It is usually made up of heavy vinyl material which obviously is a whole lot cheaper than the traditional ceramic and wood. When looking at this in the context of camping, it is easy to see why this would be a good take when going on camping holiday. Add to this the fact that you need not have a professional do the installation for you and you are set for your one of a kind holiday.

• The ease of installation means that you can carry the tub with you on the move wherever and whenever. Many hot tubs will be made available with a self-inflating pump. The user will only need to have a sufficient source of water and a strong stable flat surface that will hold the tub when it is filled with water. This offers excellent options for campers who are looking to have fun in the outdoors.

• Unlike regular tubs which collect a lot of dirt and needs frequent cleaning, portable hot tubs are easy to clean for the simple reason that they are used only when needed. Additionally, the difference between the materials used in portable hot tubs and the traditional ones determines the maintenance of each, of course vinyl would be easier to maintain than ceramic and wood. When not in use, the hot tub is folded and stored and can easily fit duffel bags which also protects the hot tub from dirt and other elements that can damage it. Such features make the hot tub an ideal accompaniment when you go camping.

• Camping offers individuals an opportunity to relax somewhere peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. What better way to do this than to get a portable hot tub, install it, make sure its on a safe surface and relax. Allow your thought to drift away in the crisp air that nature offers while you submerge yourself in a hot tub. Camping with a hot tub at hand will surely amp up your holiday trip.

• There are quite a variety of portable hot tubs to choose from, perhaps much more than you would get for regular hot tubs. This allows campers to choose something that aptly suits their personality and of course, their budget.

• Portable hot tubs offer campers the opportunity to bond over their trip. Imagine after a long walking trip to your destination, a warm dip would be a wonderful way to your tire away. Simply fill the tub with water and get your families and friends to bond, preferably over a glass of chilled wine as you talk the night (or day) away.


If the reasons mentioned above not make you run to that store and purchase a hot tub, then you’re missing quite a lot. Those benefits should be compelling enough for you to see why carrying portable hot tub would be a great choice when going camping. Just make sure that you choose the ideal size, type and design of hot tub that will meet your needs. It is a long-term investment for you, your family and your friends, or, if you know someone who is a happy camper and you are looking for ways to show your love, you could never go wrong with a portable hot tub. Go ahead and get one for a truly thrilling  and new camping experience.