Roof cleaning for your conservatory | top tips

The conservatory is one of the front runners of your house, it always have to be pleasant, welcoming and clean. However generally, the roof collects quite a lot of dirt and clutter that is is why it needs frequent cleaning.

Read on and find the most effective and best method to clean the roof of your prized conservatory.

Products and Preparation

Cleaning a conservatory roof depends on a pair of secrets – the merchandise you utilize to loosen the residue and the methodology you utilize to access it.

The first issue to crack is how to access the roof. It’s not a safe option for you to climb your roof espexially if it is made up of glass. Instead, get a tool such as a ladder which will allow you to clean your roof from the safe surface of your floor. You can also decide to use a sponge with a long handle to help you reach those hard to clean corners. Along with your brush and sponge, all you need is water and soap. Or better yet, you can use a water fed pole that allows soap and water to be pumped-up.

While a long handled brush will assist you in clening your roof, it will mearely clean it without allowing you to see what you are doing. That being said, it s better to use a simple step ladder, sturdy and allows you to see what you need to do.

If you are able to see and recognize the tyoe of dirt your roof holds, you might want to choose wisely the type of soap you will use. Its best to listen to the advice of hardware personnel regarding the product to use. Some soap are better used outdoors compared to some. So educate yourself to save money, effort and time.

Get Scrubbing!

Once you’ve have your materials sorted it’s time to start the work. Ceaselessly work methodically and follow these simple steps in cleansing your conservatory roof:

Step one: get all of your materials ready and secure your work house. This suggests putting in place your step ladder on ground house and guaranteeing that wise balance is maintained. It is better to ask someone to hold the ladder for you for safety precautions.

Step two: clean methodically from one side of the roof to the other, apply a liberal amount of soap and warm water to loosen residue and stubborn dirt. Rub harder-to-shift stains unending when needed until all dirt has been removed. Don’t be tempted to use an abrasive thing on the glass – removing sturdy stains needs persistence!


Step three: once you’re done with your roof work and you are contented, rinse thoroughly and wipe down, being careful to avoid smears. Long sponges with a squeegee attachment can be a perfect use for this.

Step four: check your work from ground level. Its also worth looking at the other parts of your roof while your at it, you don’t want your clean conservatory roof outshine the rest of your house.

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