Why Artificial Grass maybe the must have garden product for 2017


There is a wide range of products to choose from if you want to improve your garden. From gardening equipment and tools, plants, flowers, trees shrubs, and artificial grass. Yes, artificial grass. Artificial grass, also referred to as synthetic grass or artificial turf, its is made up of artificial fibres made to look like natural grass. It is usually used in sports arenas but is slowly gaining popularity in residential and commercial environments. It provides users with many more benefits other than just providing a great entity as far as landscaping procedures are concerned. Below are some of the advantages of using artificial grass in the North East.

Artificial grass has a longer life expectancy as compared to real grass. Ideally, some companies offer this type of grass with a life expectancy of up to a decade. This not only creates an inviting space in your home, it also provides you a front or backyard that is always available and in tiptop condition and is in need of very minimal maintenance.

The use of artificial grass helps make savings especially on your water bills. The reason for this is rather obvious as this type of grass does not require to be watered. Even when it rains, artificial grass is known to exhibit better drainage than real grass. Synthetic grass requires no trimming and no water irrigation system. This way, the expense of watering grass and maintaining it is eliminated and your money may be used for something else.

The use of artificial grass makes a house look like a home and makes it look beautiful, it also increases the value of the property significantly. There is something that is very welcoming about a neat home. The even colour and symmetric illusion of the artificial grass increases the aesthetics not only of your lawn but your whole house. The colour attracts the eyes of passersby and the guests you are accommodating.

The other reason why artificial grass maybe the must have garden product is that it is environmental friendly. The fact that it does not require any grass fertilizer or pesticide makes it a great option for the environment. Additionally, it eliminates any carbon emissions that originates from lawn mowers that uses fuel.

Artificial grass is also ideal in environments that are hostile to plants such as in the desert and places where natural lighting is scarce.This form of grass is also ideal for people who keep pets in the home. Its durability means that pet owners have peace of mind unlike the case is with real grass.

Artificial Grass Installation

  • There are many stores and shops that offer artificial grass, ensure that you will find the best company to offer high quality artificial grass. To be able to lay it out evenly on your homes, its is better to contact a professional in the job so that proper installation will be done. When properly installed, the artificial grass will live up to your expectations especially in terms of longevity therefore in turn, making you save more money.The artificial grass is always ready for play, a trait that cannot be said in the case of real grass in harsh weather. Since this is the same type of grass used in sporting facilities, it is easy to see why artificial grass will allow you to play even when the weather changes.Artificial grass also ensures that your home and driveway will remain clean since it eliminates puddles and mud spots that are usual issues with real grass.The fact that artificial grass does not need mowing means that it is cost effective at present, more so in the long run. In addition to this, it also presents convenience to home owners who, for one reason or the other, are incapable of mowing their lawns. The elderly and the physically challenged stand among the number of people who will benefit from this type of grass. With the advantages discussed, it is little wonder why according to local leaders Easigrass Newcastle artificial grass maybe the must have garden product for 2014.

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