Welcome to Easy Frame!

We are going to take a wild guess and predict your looking to buy a conservatory or you have one already and in need of some inspiration!

Well your 100% on the right website! At Easy Frame we have a passion for firstly construction and DIY and secondary all things conservatory. Strange we know!

Rest assured its not by chance we wondered into this industry, after many years selling conservatories and double glazing (which i hated!) I have worked closely with family members who own and operate a conservatory cleaning and valeting business.

Its during this time I seen first hand some amazingly designed and decorated conservatories and orangeries. Although i seen even more that were duller than dish water.

Far too many conservatories are built, used and forgot about, but I think done well it can easily be the best room in the house. When visiting customers who lets say had the plainer versions I would often suggest ideas and simple tricks and tips on how they can improve the visual side of the space and it doesn't have to cost the earth.  

They would often ask me advice or if I knew websites that they could use for decorating ideas and tips. So yeah I soon got sick of that and decided to start Easy Frame as scrap book online of things I see and things I like.

It's moved on a fair bit since then, but still with the same core focus of make our conservatories across the UK better, a lot better!

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