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Cheapest Conservatory Furniture That Still Looks Amazing!

Nothing will kill the vibe of your conservatory like making the wrong furniture choice, even choosing beautiful sets can still go wrong if there not the right size or fit for the space.

Below you’re going find some of the very best conservatory furniture for small and large spaces.  Also a comprehensive buyer’s guide to keep you right when buying suites and chairs. 

From conservatory tables and chairs to the most stylish contemporary garden room sets money can buy. Not forgetting those on a budget our reviews also cover the best cheap furniture for conservatories.

Let dive in.

Reviews of the Top Products for 2019



Our Rating


Where to Buy

Modern Chairs 

The perfect add furniture for any conservatory

4 out of 4


Three Seater Sofa 

Furniture don't come more stylish than this 

3.5 out of 4


Rattan Coffee Table

A small yet elegant piece of furniture that is pretty cheap

3.5 out of 4


Table and Chairs

This furniture is small enough for a large to medium conservatory.

3.5 out of 4


Modern Armchair 

This furniture can be bought singular or in pairs

3 out of 4


Wooden Table and Chairs

Seating 4 but additional chairs can make this furniture extend to 6.

3 out of 4


Modern Furniture Sets 

This is a hugely popular conservatory furniture set with nearly 1000 great reviews.

3.5 out of 4


3 Piece Glass Tables  

A tidy set that compliments metal or glass furniture well.

3.5 out of 4


Woven Storage Boxes

No furniture set is complete without fancy storage boxes 

3 out of 4



Modern conservatory furniture has become increasingly popular in 2018 and looks set to continue in the future. This is why we have developed an in-depth article, so you have everything you need to pick the most contemporary selections. With a range of colours, sets and prices we have no doubt you will find your perfect choice.


Cane conservatory furniture is also on the upwards trend for popularity and is continuing to be found in more and more homes. This is why we have researched and studied which are the best value for money and provided you with a great selection to choose from. No matter what your budget, I am sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for.


Rattan conservatory furniture is an ideal choice for any sun room or orangery, as it has all the correct materials to tolerate the heat without drying out. With many to choose from, we have created a detailed summary of the best fine rattan living room furniture on the market today, that offers you not only quality, but at an affordable price without breaking the bank!


Wicker conservatory furniture  is very similar to rattan and can be found in plenty of homes. With a wide selection to choose from and prices ranging from low to extremely high, its no wonder so many people pick it as there first choice. Our expert team have put together a fantastic collection for you to read and see which one is the perfect fit for your home.

UK Buyers Guide 

For most people in the UK the dream of adding a conservatory to a home is an enormous investment. Given the decreasing footprint of many of our new build houses these days as well as the limited space some traditional semis and terrace houses have, home owners look forward to creating extra space that spreads out into the garden for use in both summer and winter. 

Once you have your dream add on built, the next step is to find the right pieces and everything else to make it live able and enjoy the divine views of your garden. Conservatories serve great as a room for being sociable, and you can always use it as an extra living space with coffee tables, sofas, and footrests – choose the right furnishings and it can be a glamorous dining space.

What it means is that selecting the right furnishings is important, and you can make a right choice by paying attention to the available space, how you are going to use the space, how much money you have, and the overall style of your going to implement. Let's find out more about it.

How are You Going to Use the Space?

It makes sense then to consider carefully exactly how the new space will be used when it comes to furnishing it. For instance, will it become a playroom for the kids needing robust wipe down materials or a stylish space for entertaining adults requiring furniture that can be moved around and adapted to suit the needs of a party? Or will it multi-functional? Once its purpose is decided, furnishing the space appropriately will make the cash spent on building it worthwhile.

Indoor Sunroom ideas

Our British summers can be ridiculously short and unpredictable but when the good weather hits we want nothing more than to fling open the windows and doors and let it in. Our conservatories become a seamless bridge to the outdoor garden space and for maximum effect, the purchase needs to compliment the garden. For a neat, manicured minimalist garden, modern minimalist conservatory furnishings are a must. The styles need to match to create a natural flow from the indoors to the outdoors and back again. 

Likewise, a rustic and natural garden needs its own rustic style. Rattan is an excellent option. It is sturdy yet lightweight. It is durable and comes in a wide variety of styles making it superb value for money.

Unlike metal framed furniture rattan, if cared for properly, can withstand the elements for years, particularly the cold damp of the long winter months and it is infinitely more comfortable. Metal framed materials unfortunately, often fails to make a style statement, rusts far too easily and even as a low-cost alternative is best avoided. 

Consider the Style of Your Design

It is so easy to get carried away when choosing the furniture for a conservatory. The new modern styles available are often so removed from the usual settee and chairs of the living room that the offer of super luxury  can be tempting to say the least. However, it is vital to keep the style of your conservatory firmly in mind when out and about choosing pieces for your brand-new space.

Here are some of the most common types of conservatories and the selections that might go well with them.

Glass Houses  

Usually made from glass with steel or wooden construction, it usually helps keep your 'greenhouse' connected with your garden and other rooms in your home. Often people find this type of construction difficult to heat in the winter months rendering the space next to useless and inviting its use as a dumping ground for the ubiquitous ‘stuff’ we all seem to collect. Not what you paid for. Also in the summer it becomes really difficult to cool down.

Not only is it sensible to choose materials that can withstand the fluctuations in temperature in the UK climate, but the chill can be offset with the use of a warm colour scheme when choosing the winner and its accessories. Neutral colours create the illusion of warmth and make the sun room  seem lighter and more inviting even in dark of winter. White rattan offers a warm, light contemporary feel although even the darker styles can be lifted with the use of neutral colour cushions.

Traditional Builds

Popular with most homeowners, a traditional build improves the available space in your home and adds to the overall value of your property. Usually designed with the country house or classic cottage look in mind, many people opt for the Victorian model.

This type comes with small walls built onto solid foundations and lead framed glasswork that provides an open view of the garden while you are relaxing. Traditional styled rattan  works particularly well and adds to the overall look and feel of your traditional conservatory.

If you have more space and cash to invest you can opt for the Edwardian style  with a large tiled rectangular floor space and high sloping roof. An Edwardian with it's elegant rounded effect is a design classic that  can be made to look truly exquisite with intricate wrought iron beautifully complimenting the wrought iron structure and lead framed glasswork.

Go for wrought iron and wicker and load it up with cushions. For a greater effect add towering hothouse ferns and plants that increase the impact of a patterned tile floor and for an even greater visual impact add colourful tablecloths and throws to truly re-create an historic Edwardian feel.

Shabby Chic

Chic and modern conservatories can become places of calm and tranquility where you can spend time alone or with the people you love. Soft deep leather that you can cosy down into works a treat.

Complimented by throws, rugs, cushions and blankets with soft down lights and lamps, your space can be transformed into the ideal romantic retreat. With wooden shelving for a library and a comfortable armchair and footrest there can be no better place to enjoy a good book. 


These come in varied sizes and styles and can be tailor made for your available space, lifestyle and garden, so it is important to measure the available space carefully and then start looking for the best fit. 

Match the furniture with your garden and work towards creating the outdoors inside. Dress it with small cushions and pillows but keep in mind that even though rattan is durable it is a natural product and over time, it will absorb moisture and crack if not cared for properly. 

Price Consideration

Wooden furniture looks exceptionally good, but you will have to spend a lot of money. It is also quite difficult to maintain it. Rattan, on the other hand, is quite affordable and extremely easy to maintain. Rattan is also an environmentally friendly material choice, which makes it better than wood. 

If you are willing to spend more, try wicker  that offers a rustic elegance to your sun room. While it is not as expensive as furniture made of teak or solid wood, you will still have to spend a good amount of money. You are going to get a good value for money though. 

For someone with no real budget constraint, going for teak furniture is one impressive choice. It looks stylish and is quite durable as well. It is quite expensive though. In terms of money, ranges made of wrought iron is also on the expensive side. 

In case you are on a tight budget, you may consider buying resin wicker pieces. This fabricated material is designed to look like wicker. You may be able to find some affordable furniture pieces made of this material. The good thing is that it is extremely hard wearing. 

The material of the product plays a role in determining its price, but how much you end up spending on furnishings also depends on how many pieces you decide to buy. A mid-range set consisting of a suite with 2 single chairs, a coffee table, and a 2-seater sofa might cost you around £500. Be prepared to pay more if you are interested in adding more pieces, including a bookshelf, footstools, and more. 

Where to Buy

The usual suspects are the best choice here, the likes of Next, Argos, Ebay and Amazon are all great for this kind of purchase. One place we have found some great cheap furniture deals on is Wayfair. They are fast emerging as our go to place for high quality yet cheap bargains.

Few Quick Tips to Get the Best Furniture Cheaper

You certainly have to pay attention to a number of factors to ensure you get the best value for your money, but here are some quick tips that will help you buy good furniture and decorate your conservatory in style. 

• Your sun room or orangery will be exposed to direct sunlight, so be ready to deal with high temperature and humidity. You should keep these factors in mind when buying furnishings. If it is not durable enough to withstand the direct sunlight, you will soon be looking for new pieces. Cane furniture is a good choice because it can withstand the elements. Another benefit of cane furniture is that its cushions are usually loose. It allows you to change the color scheme in an economical way. Here's a pretty solid guide on how to clean cane.

• You may consider bringing the outdoors into your home by using natural shades, such as cream, tan, and muted hues of blue and green will offer a nature-inspired look. Keeping indoor plants around your purchase will also serve as a great way of incorporating outside elements into your conservatory. 

• You may consider putting your money on lightweight selections. Understand that you will be moving this furniture a lot more than how you handle the regular stuff in your home. You may have to move your chair out of the direct sunlight while reading something on your digital reader. Wicker and rattan are reasonably good choices when looking for lightweight furniture. 

• You may want to avoid the traditional rattan look if you are more interested in making your garden the main feature of the space. You will be better off going for a simple paired back style that is not too hard on your eyes. In this case, opt for wooden framed because it complements the natural elements of the outdoors, and it is also easy to find wooden conservatory furniture that is contemporary and stylish. 

• You may find materials with a darker wood finish to be a good choice for super bright conservatories. Due to an abundance of natural light, darker wood finish works great, especially when you offset it a bit against a rather neutral palette and multiple layers of pattern and texture. 

Last Word

The bottom line is that it's a bright, spacious, multi-purpose room, and you can use it in a variety of ways just by furnishing it with the right pieces. Just be sure to know how you are going to use it, how big the available space is, and how much money you can spend to find the most suitable conservatory furniture for your home.

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