& The Cheapest Price We Found This Lay Z Spa 

We wouldn't be surprised if the Miami hot tub was the best selling Lay Z Spa in 2018

Without knowing the exact sales figures we can't say for sure. But what we can say is this:

Year on year the demand for this portable has went through the roof, and it's a lot to with price. It's cheaper than the rest of the range. But is it as good?

In this comprehensive Lay Z Spa Miami review we're going to find out.

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Review Summary (Last Updated July 2018)

Product Name:​​​​

Miami Airjet


Bestway Lay Z Spa



Today, we look at what makes the Miami Spa so popular and how it compares to other models. Is it cheaper, more sturdy or does it simply fit more people? 

All of these questions are answered as we break the Miami down into its pros, cons and features.

The Best Mid-Range Feature Packed Inflatable Hot tub?

If you're looking to dip your toes in and buy a portable spa and getting the best price is on your list then the Miami spa is quite possibly the ideal one for you. Sold as the smallest Lay Z Spa tub from the range, the Miami is the Mini Cooper of the inflatable spa market – small but compact and stylish.

But is this mini spa really the best starter tub a couple or small family can buy?

What's in the Box?

Although the size may not be ideal for everyone, the stylish compact design of the spa is fantastic news for those with space at a premium. The Best Mid-Range Feature Packed Inflatable Hot tub.


Comes with a warranty of 12 months.


Up to 4



Leatheroid cover with safety clips. Filter cartridges and chemical floater.

For its price and size, you can't go far wrong with this spa. Seating 1 – 4 people, the smallest spa in ​the Lazy  Spa range, it is ideal for single users, couples, small families or those where space is at a premium.

Although small, the hot tub is packed full with 81 directional massage jets which have had customers raving about the intense relaxing massage they deliver. Being a product from the award winning Lay Z Spa company, you can be sure that this model comes with all the same quality parts which are the mainstay of all their tubs.

4 Great Lay Z Spa Accessories You Will Love!

The Miami inflatable hot tub comes with all you need for an immediate set up. This includes an inflatable cover, filter cartridges, a floor protector, user manual and DVD demonstrating the entire set-up process.

For added spa satisfaction, we have compiled a short list of the most popular hot tub accessories.



Instructions and Specifications

It's no accident that this portable hot tub is one of the most celebrated small, budget tubs out. Indeed, it has a lot going for it. One of the easiest inflatable tubs to install and use, it’s the perfect choice for those looking for a no-frills model that does what it says on the tin. And, going by the majority of its product reviews, customers sure seem satisfied with it.

​One of the best surprises of the Miami Airjet is that it comes with the same pump and heating system of much more expensive models. This means, that for a fraction the price, you are getting the same innovative parts that make up the companies top range products.

As with all the inflatable hot tubs from this manufacturer this model is a doddle to set up. Straight out the box it can be inflated and ready to fill in as little as 15 minutes.

Although a budget spa from one of the world's leading inflatable hot tub manufacturers, it is still necessary to fully check out the product and compare it against other similar products on the market. After all, we all want the best we can possible have for the money. A great place to begin reviewing your prospective spa is via authentic online customer reviews and website comparison articles.

What is the Lay Z Spa Miami?

This is a small, no thrills spa that has been the entry spa to thousands of satisfied customers. Although lacking some of the flashier extras like pool lights, this model makes up for this with all that it does have. That includes the same pump, rapid heating and filtration system of its more expensive cousins. It also has the company standard, easy to operate control panel that can be programmed with just a couple of presses.


  • Seats: up to 4 people
  • Water Capacity: 800 litres
  • Size when inflated: 180cm x 65
  • check
    Weight when filled: 1,026 kg
  • check
    Maximum Heat Capability: 40°C (104°F)

Size & Dimensions

It can seat from 1 to 4 adults. It is not as roomy as the larger spas but still offers a luxury, unimpeded soak for its users. If used by couples it offers an intimate space that isn't always true of the larger models.

How to set up the Lay Z Spa Miami

This is arguably the easiest inflatable spa to set up. Due to its smaller size, it is much easier to handle and takes less time inflating and filling. We strongly advise you to fully acquaint yourself with the set-up guide and user safety information.

Set Up, Running Costs

...and where to place!

Due to its size and its innovative pump design it's one of the most economic tubs to run on the market. For set up you need a source of power, a source of water for filling and a drainage area. For spa placement you need to be sure that it is on level ground and, if set up indoors, that it is not sat on carpet or any other floor fabric.

For inside installation you must also be aware that the heat emitted from the tub will give rise to extra condensation. As such the inflatable hot tub needs to be installed in a well-ventilated room.

Something that is often overlooked when setting up a portable spa is an area for water drainage. You must set up your jacuzzi in the vicinity of a floor drain. This is to take away any overflow and is also important when it comes to draining your tub.

When dealing with inflatable tubs, caution must always be taken to ensure that there is no debris or sharp objects beneath or around the spa when preparing to inflate it. If the ground is free of any such hazards you can proceed to inflate and then fill your spa. The pump of your spa conveniently doubles up as an inflator. Great care must be taken to not over inflate the tub.

Once the spa is inflated it is time to attach the pump, fill the tub, strap the lid down and get heating. Be sure to carefully follow the safety precautions in your user guide. All in all, from the box to inflating, it should take no more than 15 minutes before you can start filling.

Useful Links 

Safety Precautions - More on hot tub safety here

When setting up your portable hot tub indoors you must always give thought to the considerable weight that the full tub will weigh. In some older properties the structure may not support such a weight and could be extremely dangerous. Generally, if you are installing your jacuzzi on a concrete floor it will be just fine. Care must be taken when setting up on a wooden floor. You should also invest in a floor protector which will ensure the floor of your property does not incur any damage.

Unlike stationary hot tubs, inflatables should never be used when the surrounding temperature is 4C or less. The last thing you'd want is water freezing in the system and causing irreparable damage to your tub.

When setting up your spa attention should also be paid to place your spa close to a windbreak (a wall or fence).

Alternatively, inside a gazebo would be an ideal place to install your Miami spa. This will not only offer you protection against the elements but will also save you money in fuel costs.

If you do use any tools to help set up your spa, make sure they are all cleared away after use and that there are no sharp objects near your tub. Due to a similar risk of puncture, pets should also be kept away from your inflatable spa.

Your Miami pump system is supplied with 7 full metres of cable. For the majority of customers this will be sufficient length to reach the power source. If for some reason you require more than 7 meters of cable you must never resort to using an extension lead. Instead you should contract a qualified electrician and have a grounded outdoor socket with RCD protection installed.

Pro's & Cons

This is without doubt one of the most economic models available. Perfect as a starter tub it offers a lot of the luxury of higher priced spas but is bare on added extras. Being the smallest tub on the market, seating no more than 4 people, far from being a negative, it acts as a huge plus point. It's a spa that appeals to many different people and is a favourite buy with those with smaller set up areas. If you're a single person, a couple or a small family, then this inflatable spa is certainly a tub you should carefully consider.


The Good Stuff:

One of the most obvious pros is its compact size. This feature reduces running costs and is perfect for those with space at a premium. The smaller size also makes for a much more intimate sessions, making it an ideal tub for couples and small families.

As with all inflatable tubs portability is a huge positive with customers. The Miami can be installed just about anywhere there is water and a power source. As it is the smallest tub in the range it is also much easier to move about and handle.

Super rigid. Thanks to an innovative design it's as sturdy as any fixed tub and the sides can easily take the weight of a large adult.

The Bad Stuff:

A 12-month warranty period. Being an inflatable spa, this may put some buyers off. However, don't be too disappointed with such a short warranty as it is the industry norm.

Another downside is the spa's lack of features. It comes as a box standard tub with no lighting or hydro jets. Still, if you've already opted for a Bestway Lay Z Spa Miami hot tub you'll be well aware of this in advance. It's such compromises that help account for its bargain price.

Best Price

To develop and research this review we obviously had to visit several suppliers websites and the manufacturer's own page for this hot tub. The price from Lay Z Spa direct at the time of writing this article was £20 more than the price below.  

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Still can't decide what Lay Z Spa to get, it can be a difficult choice because they are look so good in different ways. To make it easier for you, we have provided an outstanding guide on all the models that are available through Lay Z Spa. 

We have compared them through price, quality and popularity, so that you don't have to spend hours searching the internet. 

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