Monaco Inflatable spa Review

Number one 8 seater hot tub on the market?


Review: Summary

Monaco. It’s one of the smallest countries in the world. But size apart, it’s renowned for its class, luxury and temperate climate

We look at the pros and cons of the Lay Z Spa Monaco and learn whether or not there are any similarities between this spa and its geographical counterpart.

In this deep dive you will find out whether the Monaco spa is good value, is it the best buy from all the Bestway inflatable hot tubs. Are there any up and coming portables that are a better shout?

And where can you buy at the best price.

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What we like

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This hot tub spa is top of the range for sure, we like the size, fits the whole family in including the grandparents… not sure that’s a good point! The very long cord from the pump is a bonus. 

What we don't like

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Users claim the instructions could be better, although I would recommend following the video not reading. 8 full adults might be a push. The replacement liner is costly so be careful not to damage.

Would we buy

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For sure, there aren’t many better options if your wanting a big hot tub, yes 8 adults are a squeeze but 6 and 2 kids, well this is the hot tub. Read on to find out all the things we liked and didn’t like

 What's in the Box 

A purchase of the Monaco Lay Z Spa will reward you with an impressive box containing all of the following product information:

  • The Monaco spa
  • Digitally controlled heater pump with integrated water filtration and AirJet system
  • Leatheroid top cover
  • check
    Inflatable lid with double lock safety clips
  • check
    Two filter cartridges
  • check
    A chemical floater
  • check
    Set up and maintenance DVD
  • check
    Repair patches

It’s really quite a comprehensive range of items and accessories!! The only thing not included that you’ll need to provide yourself is an earthed power socket. Conveniently, all Lay-Z Spa products plug into a standard UK 13 amp/240V electricity supply.

​Oh … and one more thing. You’ll need to find some guests to put in it too!



90 airjets helping you unwind, this is the largest Lay Z Spa from the range. Its billed as a great value high capacity hot tub but is it really a best buy. In the review below we will dig deep to see if this is the best value for money or is there a better alternative?



  • Measures 201 cm x 69 cm (79" x 27")
  • With a 1,453 litre capacity (384 gallons)
  • When filled, the weight is around 1,973 kg (4,349 lb)
  • check
    Cable is supplied at a standard length of 7 metres
  • check
    Maximum Heat Capability: 40°C (104°F)

Size & Dimensions

Do seek the advice of a qualified electrician to install an outdoor socket with RCD protection should the supplied cable length not be adequate.

It is estimated that the cost to run the Monaco is around £7 - £10 per week but this has been calculated taking an average from reports of just a small customer base sample.

Spend will depend on the usage of the spa – how frequently it is used, the duration and so on. Plus tariffs set by energy suppliers will differ provider to provider.

As previously stated, all products in the Lay-Z-Spa range plug into a standard UK 13 amp/240V electricity supply.

The Do's & Don'ts:

  • Ensuring you have a level floor: always set up the spa on a level floor.
  • Clearing the chosen area of debris: make sure the area you pick to set up your spa is clear of all debris such as leaves, twigs and other objects that may impede set up.
  • The weight of your tub: don’t underestimate how heavy the spa will be once filled – choose your location accordingly, ie one that can withstand very heavy weights.
  • Freezing conditions: don’t attempt to run the spa if the surrounding temperature drops to 4°C or less. Water freezing in the system can cause major damage to the spa and could deem it irreparable.
  • Protection from the elements: it’s always good to try and set up a Lay-Z Spa close to a wall, fence or covering in order to offer protection from wind, rain, sun and so on.
  • Consider sharp objects: keep all sharp items away from your hot tub – this includes tools, cutlery, animals (paws!). Although Lay-Z Spas come with a patch repair kit, it’s good to keep the spa out of harm’s way; I would recommend finding some suitable garden storage where you can place the equipment and accessories.
  • Dont attempt to run the Lay-Z Spa from an extension lead as they can be hazardous and can run the risk of electrocution or a circuit overload. Should the 7 metre cable not be long enough, a qualified electrician can easily install an outdoor socket with RCD protection. 

Innovative rapid heating system and energy saving timer function

The super-fast heating system enables the water to reach a toasty 40°C at the touch of a button.

And if that isn’t enough, the cleverly incorporated technology means you can heat the hot tub, run the massage system and filter the water at the same time using just the one pump.  That temperate climate that Monaco is famous for can now be a feature in the comfort of your own hot tub!

A snazzy energy saving timer ingeniously switches off the Lay-Z Spa Monaco when it’s not being used but likewise can be scheduled to switch on when you want it to as well.  So it can be bubbling away at the perfect temperature and be ready for when you are!

Crystal clear water and 86 AirJets

The Monaco comes complete with 86 rather impressive AirJets. This spa hot tub enjoys a calming yet invigorating airjet massage system thanks to the carefully placed jets. Heating up to 40c, it is also complemented by the hot water from the rapid heating system; all of which are controlled with ease via the control panel.

And what’s more, the water remains crystal clear thanks to the water filtration system. The filter housing and its included filters ensure water is kept in optimal condition, making your special spa setting that bit more exceptional.

The use of spa chemicals (link) will also ensure the water is kept balanced, safe and healthy.

Convenient and durable

All the products in the Lay-Z Spa range (link) are completely portable, meaning they can be set up in any location of your choosing. Super easy to inflate. Just as easy to deflate!

The complete movability of the spas means that you are not limited to one installation location. In fact you can have your spa set up on the lawn one week, the patio the next and even take it to a friend’s house the next! There really are no limits.

You may think that the maneuverability offered through the inflated walls may have a negative impact on durability. However the Monaco has been constructed to offer strong and solid, yet rigid walls. Plus sturdy drop stitch materials have been used to add extra robustness, resilience and strength to this particular hot tub.

The floor of the Monaco is slightly padded so as to provide a more luxurious cushioning and great insulation although you can still buy a mat for it. 

In fact the Monaco is so durable that, once fully inflated, you may be forgiven for not believing you are in an inflatable at al.

How to Set Up the Lay Z Spa Monaco

Lay Z Spas are well-known for their simple and effortless set up. They feature a lot in in our best reviews series.

The instructions are very easy to follow and absolutely no tools are needed. However if you do want some extra reassurance, then there is considerable help and guidance available in either the included set up DVD or via telephone with the experienced UK-based customer support team.

The clever filter unit doubles as a pump and all sections of the spa can be inflated in around 10 minutes. And once fully inflated, you can simply start filling with water.

How long does it take to heat up

It will take about two hours to heat the hot tub up and get it to 80% capacity depending on the water pressure in the area you live. Once filled and heated, it leaves only one thing left to do – to sit back and start enjoying your luxurious spa experience!

​Pro's & Cons

The Monaco is an innovative, mid-sized mid-priced spa that has a solid reputation and is one of the most popular garden spas on the market. If you're looking for a feature packed spa that offers portability, intensive massage therapy and is not too expensive then it could just be the tub for you.


The Good Stuff:

Tried and tested on the Channel 4 series ‘Gadget Man’, the Monaco seemed to be rated pretty highly so that’s a plus point in itself. Also on that website they state the price to be £320 pound more than the price we found below.

Perfect purchase for large families and groups

Furthermore the Monaco is the largest inflatable spa in the Lay-Z Spa range.  Although it specifies it comfortably fits 6 – 8 people, we think you could fit a few extra small ones in there! It has a 40c rapid heating system.

For the size and capacity, the Monaco does represent excellent value for money.

The Bad Stuff:

As the old phrase goes, you get what you pay.  With this being the case, this top of the range Monaco is a little pricier than some of the other models.

We also wonder why there is one less AirJet than other spas in the range.  Lots of the other models have 87 so why does the Monaco lose one we wonder?

As with the other models, the 7 metre cable is shorter than those supplied by other manufacturers although it is usually not a problem for most installations.

And … we have been spoilt with some of the extras included in the other products in the range – we refer here to the ones with the colourful LED lighting systems.

When comparing the Monaco to these more rainbow-infused models, you could say it seems a little lackluster in contrast?

Best Price

To develop and research this review we obviously had to visit several suppliers websites and the manufacturer's own page for this hot tub. At the time of writing the manufacturer was £220 more than the price below.

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​Is it the Cheapest?

Not quite...

The Monaco is a large luxury model and therefore at the higher end of the price range for the Lay Z Spa Airjets, although we feel it represents great value. If it’s solely down to budget on which Lay Z Spa to buy then the 3 below are cheaper and the Miami is the lowest priced hot tub we found from all the reviews we did.

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