& The Cheapest Price We Found This Lay Z Spa

Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez - With a name like that, this needs to be good!

Even the name ‘St Tropez’ sounds alluring and implies a sense of luxury and je ne sais quoi  but the name is just the beginning.  

Read on to find the features the Bestway Lay Z Spa St Tropez Airjet oozes.  

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An idyllic experience in the comfort of your own home

Accommodating 4 – 6 people, this inflatable spa is perfect for enjoying with family, friends or even as an indulgent moment alone.  So either whittle away the time in your own company or get your friends over for some luxury and fun. 

But, is it the Best Choice?

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Review Summary 

As we delve into the Saint Tropez, we take a look at what are the pros and cons and whether it is more suitable for a large family or just a couple.

We have methodically researched to provide you with a detailed review, that will enable you to make a clear and informed decision on whether to buy.

Simple set-up

It’s time to relax, not time to spend hours getting ready to relax.  That’s why the easy set up of the Saint Tropez Lay Z Spa is a super advantage.  In fact it is usually inflated and filling with water within ten minutes.  That means you can start that all-important relaxation time sooner – just enough time to grab that drink and put on your favourite music!

Summary (Last Updated July 2018)

Product Name:​​​​

St. Tropez Airjet inflatable hot tub


Bestway Lay Z Spa


What sets the Saint Tropez Spa apart?

At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking that much of the Lay-Z Spa range offers similar characteristics and specifications.  Indeed much of the range offers comparable features and, of course, superior quality.  A bonus, however, with this model its waterproof floating LED lighting system. The floating pool light offers the ability to light up the tub in four striking colours to create a real knockout atmosphere.  Colour change lighting is renowned for promoting relaxation and creating a soothing and comforting environment, perfect for those evening spa sessions.

And not only is the light itself waterproof to IP68 standard (meaning protection from long term immersion up to a certain pressure), it also requires no external power source.  You simply need to switch it on and enjoy the show!

Relaxation guaranteed with a digital rapid heating system

Not only will it heat your water to a very enjoyable 40°C via a pretty cool digital control, the Lay-Z massage function will run in parallel.  An impeccably-maintained temperature and endless bubbles makes for perfect entertainment … what’s not to like?!

A spectacular AirJet massage system offering a range of health benefits

The in-built AirJets  system will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and rejuvenated. 

Total mental and physical relaxation means that pain and stress can be relieved, circulation improved and general wellbeing enhanced.  So you are benefitting both your body and mind.  All of this thanks to the 87 air jets … that’s right, 87!! 

Power Saving Timer 

All Lay-Z-Spas offer great heat efficiency.  But why stop there?  The super handy power saving timer feature enables you to programme the spa to switch on up to 72 hours in advance.  This means that it will heat to your desired temperature.  When you want.  At the touch of a button.  A big efficiency tick!

A portable hot tub?  Really?

Yes, really!  Because the hot tubs are so easy to inflate and deflate, they really are as portable and moveable as you want them to be.  As long as set-up is on a flat surface there are so many potential locations.  The garden.  The living room.  The bathroom.  Wherever you fancy!  Due to the compactness, you could even take it over to friends’ houses!  The possibilities really are endless.

Because of the portability, Lay-Z spas really do get one up on their static and fixed hot tub counterparts.  And there’s no compromise on rigidity either.  Once fully inflated, you’ll appreciate how strong and hard-wearing these spas really are.

So, What's in the Box?

First of all, you’ll get the inflatable Lay-Z Saint Tropez inflatable hot tub.  Of course, that’s a given!!  Though, you’ll also find included:

  •   chemical floater
  •   LED lighting system
  •   2 x filter cartridge
  • check
      inflatable leatheroid lid cover
  • check
      set-up and maintenance DVD guide


Comes with a warranty of 12 months.


Up to 6 comfortably


See all the available Lay Z Spa accessories for this tub below

The only thing you need to provide is an earthed power supply to control the Lay-Z-Spa pump.

Lay Z Spa Accessories 

A short list of the most popular hot tub accessories you can buy. Remember you already get the essentials like the chemical floater and filter cartridge.

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Facts and figures

We’ve covered the relaxation benefits and the general fabulousness of this Bestway Lay Z Spa.  Now for the serious stuff and some very interesting numbers.

Size & Dimensions

  • measures 1.96m x 61cm (77" x 24") with 
  • capacity of 848 litres (224 gallons).  
  • when filled to 80%, weight is around 1,100 kg (2,426 lb) 
  • cable length supplied is 7 metres.

Running Costs

Reports from some of current Lay-Z Spa customer base suggest the average cost of running is £7 - £10 per week.  We must point out here that this is an average figure and your exact spend will depend on frequency of use and your energy supplier’s tariff.  But on first glimpse, that’s not a bad price for accessible and instant luxury!

The rigid walls are reinforced and the sturdy circular beam construction offers structural stability and comfort.  

For true peace of mind, the St Tropez hot tub comes with child safety double-lock clips and an inflatable lid.

Top notch customer service

If the above hasn’t already convinced you, then the customer service and aftersales support may win you over.  The UK support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have – from initial set-up enquiries to all after-care questions.  And according to them, 90% of issues are resolved over the phone.  What’s more, all Lay-Z Spa hot tubs come with a one year guarantee.  You can also choose to extend this warranty if you so wish.

How to Set Up - Setting Up Like a Pro! 

Set-Up of your Lay-Z-Spa  … and a few little precautions

There are three things you need in order to set up a Lay-Z Spa and it will be useful to be aware of these prior to a purchase.  You’ll need a power source, a water source and a flat space with a drainage system in place.  

There are three things you need in order to set up a Lay-Z Spa and it will be useful to be aware of these prior to a purchase.  You’ll need a power source, a water source and a flat space with a drainage system in place. If you want to use your spa inside, don’t use it on carpet and also don’t forget to consider the moisture your spa will create so think ventilation 😉

With regard to water drainage is, try to ensure that your spa is near a floor drain.  If it’s not possible though, water can be directed away with a hose pipe. Set-up really is super easy but it’s always a good idea to take your time and read the instructions thoroughly the very first time you use it. 

Precaution-wise, there are just a few things that are vital to consider.

  • Think about the weight of your tub once filled and make sure wherever you’re setting it up can accommodate this weight
  • Make sure the floor is level
  • Don’t use the Lay-Z spa if the surrounding temperature is less than 4°C or less as water freezing in the system could cause                    irreparable damage
  • For protection from the elements, consider placing the tub near a wall, fence or underneath a gazebo
  • Keep all sharp objects (that includes tools, cutlery, animal paws even!!) away from the tub
  • If the supplied 7 metre cable isn’t long enough, don’t use an extension lead – contact a qualified electrician to install a grounded          outdoor socket with RCD protection
  • Filters & Maintenance 

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    Pro's & Cons

    It’s all sounded pretty good so far. Lets see what we like and don't like about this St Tropez inflatable spa.


    The Good Stuff:
    • Quick inflation and filling time
    • Rapid heating system and 87 AirJets
    • Quirky LED lighting.
    • More hot tub accessories than other brands
    The Bad Stuff:

    However there are a few drawbacks to the St Tropez which we wanted to cover.  Yes the 7 metre cable length isn’t the longest; other manufacturers do supply longer.

    Also, unfortunately the tub does not come with a Bestway Lay Z Spa floor protector as standard although there is an option to buy one separately.

    Finally, heat-up time on the first use may be longer than expected.

    Best Price Deal

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    If the St Tropez isn't for you, why not check out our other brilliant reviews on the rest of the Lay Z Spa models, I am sure we will find you one somewhere

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